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 Our sweet sweet turkeys!  They hatch out as peeping yellow poults and develop beautiful white feathers as they mature.  They originated in Beltsville, Maryland in the 1930s and are a product of a demand for small to medium sized turkeys with white pinfeathers (this makes for a cleaner looking table bird as dark pinfeathers leave dark marks where as white leaves no mark - it's purely aesthetic).  Unfortunately, this beautiful breed nearly disappeared by the 1970s when the larger Broad Breasted Commercials Whites became more popular for their size and ability to reach butchering weight quickly (like the fast growth meat bird of the turkey world).  The Beltsville Small White remains extremely rare even to this day but thanks to a few passionate breeders they have not been lost forever. 

They are a lovely heritage breed and we are very much looking forward to doing our part to help in the conservation effort.  They average in weight between 12 and 21 pounds, lay nice large eggs and make wonderful mothers.  They are terribly friendly and will imprint on you at birth and follow you around as if you were their mother (which you sort of are when you hatch them yourself!).  They love hanging out together and adore the outdoors!  They are oh so sweet and we feel blessed to have the opportunity to raise them :)  One last cute side note, the little tom turkeys (the males) will start strutting their stuff at just a few weeks old!  It is so cute!  They fan out their littletail feathers and prance around showing off to the ladies and the other little toms.  Then all the toms will start strutting around to see who can strut the best :)  We have such giggles watching them!

Mother turkey hen and her babies :)

Turkey Poults

Turkey Eggs

Turkey Egg vs. Chicken Egg

*2019 Prices*

Day-old poults: $15 each

Young Hens: $40 each

Young Toms: $30 each

*Please note: Day-old poults are sold straight-run, meaning that we cannot sex them at hatch so you will get a mixture of girls and boys in your order.  A good rule of thumb to use when ordering is to order twice as many poults as you would want hens as you will usually get a ratio of 50/50; so, if you are looking to end up with 6 hens you should order 12 day-old poults.