Ducks were the second addition to our farm, right after chickens, and we have been loving their fun and friendly personalities ever since!  They are a great source of laughs as we watch them waddle around and splash in any water they can lay their feathers on!  They are extremely cold hardy as their thick down keeps them toasty warm all winter long.  They also handle the heat very well as all they have to do to cool off is jump into their swimming pools!  They also love the rain, probably more than any other type of weather that Mother Nature can throw at them!

We have two breeds of heritage ducks that live peacefully together: Buff Orpingtons and Duclairs.  The Buff Orpingtons are a gorgeous light brown colour and the Duclairs are pure white.  Both breeds lay lots of big, beautiful eggs from April to October.  Come June many of our girls take a break from laying to sit on a large clutch of eggs and hatch out armfuls of sweet babies :)

Since both of our breeds live together we occasionally get mixed breed ducklings but they are always some of the most colourful babies :)  Surprisingly, we always get lots of purebred ducklings too which is a great way to continue our individual breeding lines :)

Ducks are such a fun addition to any farmyard!  They are low maintenance as they are able to happily sustain themselves outdoors no matter the weather (as long as they have adequate shelter) and they are outstanding foragers!  They spend all day scouring our farm for goodies in the grass and mud!  Do keep in mind though that ducks are water fowl and as such love to play and splash in water (even their drinking water!) so they do make quite a mess!  They are best kept outdoors so that they don't make a wet mess of your barn or chicken coop!  We don't recommend that you keep ducks and chickens together as ducks like it wet and chickens prefer it dry!  

Our ducks live in a large fenced area where they have access to a nice big coop as well as lots and lots of foraging space.  We learned early on to keep our ducks fenced in as they are easy prey, especially for foxes who, one year, took out half of our flock over the course of a few weeks!  Since fencing them in we have yet to have any more issues with predators :)

Our ducks hanging out at the pool!

Mother ducks hatching their babies :)

Duck Eggs

They are big and rich and an absolute dream to cook and bake with!  Their yolks are extra big making them perfect for all your baking needs!  We absolutely love using them in the kitchen :)

Our duck coop and pasture :)

Mums and babies out for a walk :)

Duck Egg vs. Chicken Egg


*2019 Prices*

Day-old ducklings: $15 each

Please note:  As our ducklings are sold straight-run, you will get a mixture of males and females in your order, usually a ratio of 50/50.  A good rule of thumb is to order twice as many ducklings as you would like females; so, if you are looking for 6 females you should order 12 ducklings to increase your chances of getting at least6 females. Due to our inability to predict hatches we cannot guarantee you a certain number of ducklings.  We are happy to take your order and will do our best to fill it but we ask that you remain flexible with your numbers.