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We are now taking orders for day-old spring chicks and summer pullets!

We will begin offering chicks as soon as fertility is high enough, which should be mid to late spring.  Chicks are sold straight run (expect for the Bielefelders which are auto-sexing) so you can expect a ratio of 50/50 (males/females). As a good rule of thumb you should order twice as many chicks as you would want hens, that way you have a better chance of getting the number of hens you are looking for :).  

Please note that we DO NOT ship live birds .  Chicks are LOCAL PICK UP ONLY.   We also DO NOT sell hatching eggs.

**As hatches are 100% unpredictable (meaning we have no way of predicting how many chicks will hatch and in the case of our Bielefelders, we have no way of knowing how many males/females will hatch) we cannot guarantee a specific number of chicks for your order; you can however let us know roughly how many you are looking for but please be flexible with your numbers.  Feel free to let us know which breeds you are looking for and once our hatch is complete we can let you know how many chicks of those breeds hatched and, at that point, you can decide how many babies you would like to bring home.**

Bielefelders       $20 per female chick      $10 per male chick     

One of our favourite breeds is the Bielefelder!  They are absolutely gorgeous and have a calmness and friendliness that captures your heart right from the start :)  They lay extra-large light brown (and sometimes speckled!) eggs and just might continue laying (although a bit less frequently) through the winter.  The roosters make lovely table birds as they reach sizes of 8-10 lbs. and the hens, although slightly smaller, are still a good size themselves :)  The best part about this lovely breed is that they are auto-sexing!  The males and females are visibly different in colouring right from hatch making them crazy easy to sex :)  This means that you know exactly how many males and how many females you are getting without having to wait months for them to mature!  As such, they are a bit pricier due to the ability to provide you with exactly the numbers of males and females you are looking for (hatch pending of course!).

Black Copper Marans        *No day-old chicks will be available in 2018*

                                                    *We will only have a very limited number of pullets available this fall*

Another lovely breed that we are pleased to offer are our Black Copper Marans.  They are not only beautiful to look at but they lay the prettiest eggs :)  Their eggs are dark brown (I mean really dark brown!) almost to be mistaken for looking like they are coated in chocolate :)  They also have very sweet personalities and have proven to be fairly good winter layers (bonus!)  Being a French variety of chicken they have lovely feathered feet and legs, adding to their charm.  The males are dominant but not aggressive and the females are quiet and demure.  Their beautiful black feathers have a beetle green sheen when the sun catches them just right and the copper coloured feathers on their necks (M/F) and backs (M) is such a stunning touch to an already beautiful bird :)

Malines        $12 per day old chick       

Are you looking for a super friendly bird that will lay you lovely large eggs and make a fantastic addition to your dinner table?  Then the Malines is for you :)  These birds are one of the giants of the chicken world, growing to very large sizes of 10-13lbs (roosters) and 8-10lbs (hens).  They grow at a rather fast rate as well, rivaling that of the fast growth meat birds used for commercial purposes.  We found that they grew almost as fast as the commercial variety but, of course, kept growing much past that to dress out at delicious sizes!  They are also very friendly and make a lovely addition to any flock :)  The hens are excellent broodies and make wonderful mothers!  We had a Malines hen insist on sitting on eggs despite the fact that it was November (an unusually late time to brood chicks due to the cold temps).  As much as we tried to encourage her not to hatch chicks at this time she was firm in her resolution to become a mother.  So, we relented and gave her a clutch of eggs and away she went!  She sat on them diligently for three weeks and at the end of it all out popped 7 little fuzz balls :)  She is a contented and doting mother and we love watching her and her chicks play :)

Beltsville Small White Turkeys           $12 per day old poult        

Surprisingly to us, turkeys are so much different that chickens!  Not only are the bigger (obviously!) but they are much friendlier and much (much) more docile!  The Toms (males) are non-aggressive to the extreme!  They are so gentle and caring of their turkey hens, it's so sweet :)  The hens are also very gentle and love going broody (most of our girls are currently broody....!).  Unlike chicken hens, turkey hens are very calm when brooding and aren't bothered one bit by you coming close to their nest or even reaching under them to check eggs :)  Beltsville Small Whites are a lovely sized turkey and dress out beautifully - the hens weighing in around 10 pounds and the toms closer to 20 pounds.  They taste wonderful and make an excellent choice for your Thanksgiving and Christmas tables :)


We currently do not have any babies available but will post updates as soon as we do!


Our waiting list for baby goats is now open!

Both of our girls, Toryn and Flora, have been confirmed pregnant and are both due in May.  If you are interested in bringing home some of our beautiful baby goats then please feel free to contact us to be put on our waiting list :)

Once the babies are on the ground we will post pictures and information about them :)