Rooster                                                                                       Hen

 Ahh, Malines....!  Let me count the ways I love you!  Is it fair to say that all of our breeds are my favourite?  In the meat bird category though these guys are my #1 :)  Amazingly, they grow almost as fast as the Cornish Rock Crosses (fast growth meat birds) but, as they are a heritage breed, they continue growing past the point at which a Cornish Rock Cross would need to be butchered.  This breed can reach weights of 10 lbs (hens) and 13 lbs (roosters) if allowed time to grow; they generally reach maturity at 6 to 8 months old.  They are calm and friendly (a must here on our farm), lay nice big eggs and hatch out nice big, healthy chicks!  They are also great foragers!  If this is characteristic is high on your list then this is the breed for you!  Our Malines love to spend all day outside scratching around in the dirt for goodies! 

Rooster and Hen


*2019 Prices*

Day-old chicks: $15 each

Pullets: $40 each

Cockerels: $25 each

*Please note: Malines day-old chicks are sold straight-run, meaning that we cannot sex them at hatch so you will get a mixture of girls and boys in your order.  A good rule of thumb to use when ordering is to order twice as many chicks as you would want hens, as you will usually get a ratio of 50/50; so, if you are looking to end up with 6 hens you should order 12 day-old chicks.