netherland dwarf rabbits


Yes!  We have bunnies!!!  Lots of sweet little bunnies :)

We bought our first three Netherland Dwarf rabbits back in 2016, three sweet little girls - or so we thought....turns out one of them was a boy and we soon had surprise babies!  We fell in love with the idea of having lots of baby bunnies running around right then and there!  In one year our little group of three bunnies turned into a colony of 20!

We love them for their small size (reaching only 2-3 pounds when fully mature), their super duper snuggability (they are oh so soft!) and their wonderfully cute babies :)  Oh yeah, and for their ability to reproduce at a rate of almost once a month!  Their gestation period is only 30 days long and they can be rebred almost right away as the females don't release any eggs until after the males have mated with them.  This means that a female can be rebred the day after, or even the day of, that she has just given birth to a litter.  There have been times where one of our females will produce a litter every month for 2 or three months in a row.  Then they seem to tell the amorous males to back off and give them a break!  A much deserved break!

Living it up, colony style!

We choose to let our rabbits live in a colony where they all live together and interact with each other everyday.  This allows them lots of room to run around and lots of little places to hide andexplore.  Everyone gets along wonderfully and they all work together to help care for and raise the babies.  

Living in a colony also means that we don't get to choose who pairs up with who, so the matings are random and the babies are always surprises!  We find that this approach works really well for us as it is very low maintenance and we aren't as focused on breeding the bunnies as we are with the goats and chickens.  The bunnies are a fun side project that we breed and raise more for fun than anything!  

Babies for Sale!

Of course, with all those babies popping up everywhere, we need to sell some otherwise we would have hundreds before we knew it!  We let the babies grow to at least 8 weeks old, sometimes longer, before we remove them from the colony.  Once they reach this age we place them in a large rabbit cage (usually 2 or 3 together so they aren't lonely) and give them daily snuggles and attention so that they get used to being held :)


Our bunnies range in price from $20 to $30 each.  Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in bringing a bunny home and we can give you a current price :)  We simply can't predict the genders or colour patterns of the babies that are born so all of our babies are sold on a first-come-first-served basis.  We post all available bunnies for sale on Kijiji as well as on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  Follow us for details and to be the first to know when we have babies available :)