We are very passionate about hatching and raising our own beautiful birds and hope that you will also love raising these beautiful breeds!  Our pricing reflects current rates and as many of our breeds are quite rare we price accordingly.

                All of our birds are fed high quality and freshly milled organic feed which we are lucky enough and able to source locally, always have access to fresh water and once they fully feather out (around 8 weeks old) they are given access to the great outdoors.  We spend lots of time with them and work hard to keep their coops (as well as the entire barn) clean so that they are able to enjoy a happy and healthy life.

               **Please note that we keep a completely closed flock meaning that no live birds are brought in (we hatch all of our own chicks) and any birds that leave our farm are not permitted back (for bio-security reasons).**

2017 Pricing

Day-old chicks $12-$20 each

Pullets $30 each (2-6 months old)

Cockerels $15-$25 each (2-6 months old)

Ready-to-lay Hens $40 (6 months old +)

Roosters $30 each (6 months old +)

*Auto-sexing breeds (like our Bielefelders) are slightly more expensive due to the convenience of being able to sex them right at hatch.  This means that you are guaranteed exactly the number of males and females you are looking for at any age.  Please contact us if you have any questions about our pricing :)

Please note that we charge a small fee for chicks that aren't picked up within a day of hatching as we need to cover our feed costs.  This amount varies depending on the size of the order but starts at $0.50 per day per order of 10 chicks and will go up from there depending on the number of chicks.  Please contact us for an estimate if you need us to hold your chicks for a few days before you are available to come and pick them up :)

If you would like to place an order please see our contact page for contact information.  We will be taking custom hatching orders in the new year - if you would like chicks of a certain breed just let us know and we will hatch them for you!  Or you can always drop us a line to see what we currently have available :)

We do ship our birds Canada wide (no U.S. orders) via West Jet.  Please keep in mind that shipping takes extra time and planning but we always aim to work with the customer to find a date convenient to both them and us :)

Local pick up is also available if you happen to be in or from this area :)