Holland lop rabbits



Welcome to Happy Hens Rabbitry!

We began our adventures in raising and breeding rabbits back in 2016 with a trio of Netherland Dwarf Rabbits.  We very much enjoyed working with these sweet bunnies but after a few years we decided to research other breeds and that's when we came across Holland Lops!  We knew right away that we had found something special in Holland Lops and excitedly made the decision to start raising and breeding this lovely breed!  We immediately started contacting top breeders and began to acquire high quality breeding stock.  

As of this writing (June 2018) we are still working on building our rabbitry but are making a lot of progress and welcoming lots of beautiful girls and boys to our farm family :)  

We are proud members of the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) and work hard to raise rabbits according to the breed standard.  Our goal is to improve this lovely breed and pass on amazing genes to future generations :)

Please feel free to check out our "Bucks", "Does", "In The Nest Box" and "For Sale" pages for more pics and info :)

Our bunnies having some outdoor play time :)