Holland lop rabbits



Welcome to Happy Hens Rabbitry!

We began our adventures in raising and breeding rabbits back in 2016 with a trio of Netherland Dwarf Rabbits.  We enjoyed working with this breed but after a few years we decided to research other breeds and that's when we came across Holland Lops!  We knew right away that we had found something special in Holland Lops and excitedly made the decision to start raising and breeding this lovely breed!      

We are proud members of the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) and work hard to raise rabbits according to the breed standard.  Our goal is to improve this lovely breed and pass on amazing genes to future generations :)


Holland Lops are amazing rabbits!  They have the sweetest temperaments and are so calm, gentle and loving!  These little guys will snuggle for hours in your lap as you sit and watch tv, read a book or do some homework (what better way to inspire your kids to hit the books than with some bunny snuggle time too!)   They are a small breed, reaching weights of between 2 and 4 pounds, making them the perfect cuddle-in-your-lap size :)  They are easy on your feed bill as they don't consume large amounts of feed and they are a very healthy and hearty breed with little (if almost no) reason to require a vet visit.

Holland Lopshave life spans of 8 to 10 years so they are a great pet for kids to grow up with!  We highly recommend this lovely breed if you are looking to introduce a pet into your family; they are an especially great addition if you have children who are looking for a first-time pet or who are ready to exhibit a greater level of responsibility - a Holland Lop bunny is a great place to start!

Still doing your research and interested in meeting a Holland Lop bunny before committing to this breed?  No problem!  Send us a quick message and we would be more than happy to host you for a bunny playdate!  Come and meet all of our Holland Lop bunnies and their parents, spend some time snuggling different bunnies and ask us all the questions you can think of!  We love meeting new people and introducing them to this wonderful breed :)  Often, a visit with one of our sweet bunnies is just what people need to fall in love with them!  It's such a delightful sight to watch people melt and fall in love as they cuddle with a Holland Lop :)