Our farm

            We live on a 30 acre farm located just outside of Harriston, ON (about 2 hours north west of Toronto).  We have a lovely old barn, lots of fields filled with crops, a forest and a lake out back (maybe for some ducks one day....?).  This area of Southwestern Ontario is prime farm country and you will find endless wheat, corn and soybean fields as well as many other families raising livestock, namely, cattle (meat and dairy), horses, pigs, sheep, goats and of course, chickens!  We specialize in heritage breed poultry, namely, chickens, turkeys and (soon!) ducks.

            Why heritage breeds you ask?  Good question!  We actually started out raising fast growth meat birds (from start to finish they are ready for the table in a mere 8 weeks!) and had a flock of red sex-link laying hens (the ones that can bang out an egg almost every day!).   We found that the life of a fast growth meat bird is not much of a chicken life at all - they are bred to consume large amounts of feed and put on weight as fast as possible. And this they do!  The only two activities they seemed to take pleasure in were eating and sitting around - sort of like the couch potatoes of the chicken world.  No scratching on the ground for tasty treats, no foraging in the grass, no wandering around like chickens like to do, just eating and sitting.  This wasn't the ideal chicken life that we pictured.  Our laying hens on the other hand did enjoy being outside and being "chickens" and they gave us a lot of eggs but, as they are bred for laying, most of their growth goes into egg production and not meat, leaving them with very lean bodies - not an ideal meat bird.  And as they produce such a large quantity of eggs it takes a toll on their bodies and their average egg laying life span is no more than 2 to 3 years.  These two types of birds served their purpose but in very extreme ways, there was no calm in-between.

             Then one day a friend suggested we look into trying heritage breeds.  We took his advice and began our research and this is where the real journey began!  We were amazed by the beauty and diversity of heritage breeds and by the stunning qualities they brought to the farmyard.  Many of the breeds we discovered are both egg and meat producers, called dual-purpose, and not only produce a good quantity of eggs but also grow to be lovely table birds (some reaching weights of up to 13 lbs!).  They are also naturally broody, which is the desire to hatch and brood their own chicks.  This is a huge benefit in our eyes!  To have the pleasure of watching a hen raise her own chicks sounded wonderful :)

            We quickly realized that there were many other poultry lovers out there who specialized in breeding heritage poultry and were able to locate breeders who shipped fertile hatching eggs so that we could hatch our own chicks.  As soon as our first batch of chicks hatched we were hooked!  I mean really hooked.  Almost obsessed.  It became a serious passion really fast!  And it continues to grow to this very day :)

            We are very passionate about our poultry and love to share all of our knowledge and experience with anyone who asks!  We have been raising poultry since 2015 (yep, we're newbies!) but have learned an immense amount already.  We have experienced the joys as well as the heartaches of raising livestock but the pros definitely outweigh the cons :)  

            Please feel free to check out the Our Breeds page for more info on the different breeds we raise and love!  We offer poultry of various ages for sale from day-old chicks to ready-to-lay hens (and roosters if you fancy!).  

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