kids for sale 2024

Welcome to our "Baby Goats of 2024" page!

Our girls began kidding in late-February and it has been a non-stop flow of beautiful babies ever since!

I'm going to start this kidding season off by posting photos as I go of our new arrivals so that you can follow along!

Once the babies are a few weeks old I will start posting photos and information of the individual kids that are available for you to bring home with you this spring :)

Kids will be ready to leave once they reach 8 weeks old.

All of our kids will be disbudded.

We look forward to offering doelings, bucklings (intact males) and wethers (neutered males).

Our available kids will be unregistered this year.

A 50% deposit will be required to reserve your kid(s).

Please keep in mind that goats are herd animals and need to live with other goats.  

We are happy to help you start your herd or help you add to your current herd :)

As always, feel free to get in touch should you have any questions:


Mobile: 519-261-2067

Warmly, Marina :)

Welcome to the world, little one!

This sweet baby girl is certainly not camera shy ;)

At only a few days old two kids easily fit in my lap for some much adored cuddles :)

I just love holding them!

Honey comes over to check on her little boy who has made friends with June's little black buckling :)

Baby goats are naturally incredibly cuddly with us as well as each other :)

It's a baby goat cuddle puddle!

These three kids are from three different mums but have become fast friends :)

Hello sweet girl!

This darling doeling belongs to Rosaline and has such stunning colouring!

She is incredibly friendly to boot!

Another baby goat cuddle puddle :)

These guys are just so sweet when they snuggle up together to sleep...zzz