black copper marans

                     Rooster                    Hen

              Rooster          Hen

We grew our 2019 Bielefelder and Marans girls out together before separating them for breeding season!

I love the contrast of colour between these two breeds! They look so nice together :)

We have raised a few different varieties of Marans over the years but the Black Copper Marans is by far our favourite!  Not only do their feathers have a beetle green sheen to them, and not only do they have lovely copper coloured feathers on their necks and backs but they lay the darkest eggs we have ever seen!  They also lay lots of them :)  Marans are well-known for their ultra dark brown eggs but the flock we have lays some of the darkest eggs we have seen of any Marans; some of their eggs reach an 8 on the egg colour scale :)  They are a calm and docile breed with beautifully feathered feet and elegantly coloured feathers.  They also make great dual-purpose birds as the roosters reach lovely large sizes and the hens lay lots of gorgeous eggs!

*2024 Prices*

Day-old chicks: N/A

Pullets: N/A

Cockerels: N/A

Hatching eggs: N/A

**We DO NOT sell ready-to-lay hens or already laying hens**

***We are NOT offering any poultry for sale this year***

*Please note: Marans day-old chicks are sold straight-run, meaning that we cannot sex them at hatch so you will get a mixture of girls and boys in your order.  A good rule of thumb to use when ordering is to order twice as many chicks as you would want hens, as you will usually get a ratio of 50/50; so, if you are looking to end up with 6 hens you should order 12 day-old chicks.