Rooster                                                                                        Hen

This lovely breed originated in Germany in the 1970s and was only recently introduced to North America.  The Bielefelder is a wonderful dual purpose chicken, both producing lots of meat and plenty of nice large brown eggs.  This breed is exceptionally calm and friendly!  They are very laid back and never in a rush to get anywhere - even at morning feeding time they mosey on over to the feed dish in no rush whatsoever to chow down - they are so polite!  Our roosters are such gentlemen and always let the ladies go first :)  Another lovely trait that they possess is the auto-sexing gene, meaning that you can tell males and females apart at birth from the colour of their feathers - males are light coloured and females are darker. This is definitely one of my favourite breeds :)

         Male (blonde)            Female (chipmunk stripes)

                   Male                         Female

*2023 Prices*

Day-old chicks: N/A

Pullets: N/A

Cockerels: N/A

Hatching eggs: N/A

**We DO NOT sell ready-to-lay hens or already laying hens**

***We are NOT offering any poultry for sale this year***

Please note: due to our inability to predict hatches we cannot guarantee you a certain number or gender of chicks.  We are happy to take your order and will do our best to fill it but you must be flexible on numbers and genders.  On average, we usually get anywhere between 2 to 6 females per hatch (sometimes more if we are lucky!) so please keep this in mind when ordering.  We generally cannot fill larger orders in one hatch so if you are looking for more than 6 girls then it may take us two hatches in order to fill your request.