Our Wethers

Sky River Meadows Mace

DOB: May 17, 2015

Sire: Sky River Meadows Geordie

Dam: Sky River Meadows Neveah

Mace was one of the first goats we welcomed to our farm, along with his sister Toryn.  He is a wether, or a neutered male, and as such cannot be used for breeding (too bad because he is gorgeous!).  He is more of a companion goat, so if one of our girls or boys has to be separated for some reason from the rest of the herd he can go with them to keep them company.  He much prefers hanging out with the boys though!  He is so sweet and loves head scratches!  He's the first to run up to us when we enter the boys area, for snuggles of course!  Or maybe its for the food and treats we are carrying....?