Nigerian dwarf goats

Poultry are awesome, and they were our first passion, but there is always room for more!  And goats, more specifically Nigerian Dwarf Goats, are the more :)  We love our goats just as much as we love our birds and they have proven to be a wonderful addition to our farm :)  They make amazing pets, delicious milk and the cutest babies ever!  They are very friendly and active animals and love to run around outside (weather pending!  They don't much like the rain or snow).  Their milk has the highest butterfat content of any breed (as high as 10%!) and, for their size, they produce lots of it:  averaging one litre a day each!  You really can't beat the cuteness factor of baby goats either!  We got our first pair of goats after visiting the baby goaties of a friend of ours and falling in love with them :)

We are registered breeders of Nigerian Dwarf Goats and all of our lovelies are purebred and come from excellent stock :)  We raise them to be strong, healthy and friendly and produce offspring with these same qualities.  We occasionally have babies for sale and will post them as they become available.  Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in starting a herd of your own, looking to build your herd or simply looking for a few sweet pets to bring love and laughter to your life!

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Our boys chilling in the goat barn on a lazy Sunday afternoon :)

Our very pregnant girls taking it easy just a few weeks before kidding season begins :)