our girls

Sky River Meadows Toryn Farr

DOB: May 17, 2015

Sire: Sky River Meadows Geordie

Dam: Sky River Meadows Neveah

Our girl Toryn is such a sweetheart!  She was the first doe we welcomed to our farm (along with her brother Mace) and she was such a sweet girl that she led us into the decision to become breeders with such ease.  She is an excellent mother and a fantastic milker!  She is very calm when being milked and gives us lots of delicious milk :)  Toryn loves to come over for a good scratch (especially when she is hugely preggers and can't reach her back!) and just loves her apple treats!  



  • Happy Hens Heritage Tiger (buckling)


  • Happy Hens Heritage Saturn (buckling)
  • Happy Hens Heritage Jupiter (buckling)
  • Happy Hens Heritage Neptune (buckling)


  • Happy Hens Heritage Maui (buckling)
  • Happy Hens Heritage Moana (doeling)

Parliament Hill Flora

DOB: July 20, 2014

Sire: Taylor Side's Rembo

Dam: Taylorside's Vanilla Ice

Flora is a lovely girl who was rather shy when she first arrived at our farm but quickly warmed up to us and now loves her snuggles!  She goes crazy when we bring treats into the barn and is always first in line!  She is usually jostling with Toryn to try and take over her Herd Queen status but Toryn is a pretty strong defender of her title!  Flora has produced lovely babies for us in the past and we are always so excited each spring to meet her newest wee ones :)  She is such a great mum too :)



  • Parliament Hill Phoebe (doeling)


  • Happy Hens Heritage Mars (buckling)
  • Happy Hens Heritage Pluto (buckling)


  • Happy Hens Heritage April (doeling)
  • Happy Hens Heritage May (doeling)
  • Happy Hens Heritage June (doeling)

Bedrock N Brambles Ginger

DOB: December 29, 2016

Sire: Lone Larch CC Little Bit

Dam: Sky River Meadows Mira

Offspring: N/A

Oh, Ginger! Such a sweet girl :)  She is super friendly and just loves her snuggles!  We love her gorgeous colouring and her super sweet personality.  We can't wait to see the beautiful babies that she produces this spring!  She is best friends with Honey as they were born on the same farm and spent their early days together.  They love hanging out side by side in the barn and are always competing for my attention!  

Bedrock N Brambles Honey

DOB: March 3, 2017

Sire: Lone Larch CC Little Bit

Dam: Sky River Meadows Cordelia

Honey Bunny :)  Honey is my special girl - she is unbelievably snuggly and will defend her snuggle time fiercely! If any of the other girls come for a snuggle while Honey is getting hers she will let them know that it's her turn, and hers alone!  She is so very sweet and loves to bask in attention :)  She has such a gorgeous honey colour and comes from excellent milk lines.  We are so excited to meet her beautiful babies and watch her blossom as a mother this spring :)



  • Happy Hens Heritage Oberon (buckling)
  • Happy Hens Heritage Titan (buckling)
  • Happy Hens Heritage Venus (doeling)

Sky River Meadows Eowyn

DOB: April 30, 2017

Sire: Prairie Wood No-Way José

Dam: Sky River Meadows Cassiopeia

Eowyn is a strong and beautiful girl, just like the character from Lord Of The Rings that she is named after!  She has such lovely colouring and will no doubt make beautiful babies this spring :)  She is another one of our girls who loves her snuggles (who doesn't?!) and ever so willingly comes over for a good scratch and lots ofhugs :)



  • Happy Hens Heritage Apollo (buckling)
  • Happy Hens Heritage Luna (doeling)

Parliament Hill Phoebe

DOB: May 4, 2017

Sire: Tripping Billies Mr. TS Topgun

Dam: Parliament Hill Flora

Phoebe is a girl who likes to make up her own mind and is very independent!  Like her mum, Flora, she was quite shy when she came to our farm.  Unlike her mum though, she didn't warm up to us as quickly.  We have worked with her ever since she joined us last summer and with time and patience she has come around...a little!  She still prefers to come for snuggles when she deems it a good time, but....she loves her treats!  If we come in carrying apple treats she doesn't hesitate to run to the front of the line :)



  • Happy Hens Heritage Mercury (bucking)
  • Happy Hens Heritage Io (doeling)

Sky River Meadows Rosie Cotton

DOB: July 10, 2017

Sire: Sky River Meadows Nimoy

Dam: Sky River Meadows Soleil

Rosie is such a sweet little girl :)  She is so friendly and absolutely loves her snuggles!  She is the smallest doe in our herd but she knows how to stand up for herself and not let the bigger girls push her around.  She has proven to be an excellent babysitter to our other girls' babies as she is always playing with them and keeping them company!  I think she still thinks that she is a wee one herself!  I can't say enough good things about our sweet Rosie!