our boys

Sky River Meadows Merak

(aka Ralphie)


DOB: March 27, 2013

Sire: Imperial K Gigalo

Dam: Further C.C. Rider

This guy is something special!  He is so friendly and makes beautiful babies!  We love his fantastically long hair and our girls rather enjoy braiding his beard in the summer :)  He is our top breeding buck and never fails to get the job done!  He comes from excellent milk lines and produces girls that are all top milkers.

Happy Hens Heritage Apollo


DOB: February 25, 2019

Sire: Sky River Meadows Merak

Dam: Sky River Meadows Eowyn

Apollo is such an exciting addition to our breeding program as he brings with him his father's amazing genetics!  Just as Merak retires, his beautiful son is ready to step in and take his place as one of our herd sires!  Apollo is such a calm and gentle boy who is also incredibly affectionate :)  He has definitely inherited both his parents' warm and loving personalities and sweet temperaments!

Sky River Meadows Rhaegar

(aka Sweet Moon Mozart)

DOB: May 24, 2019

Sire: Taylorside's Rembo

Dam: Sky River Meadows My Precious

Sweet Moon is a very special addition to our farm!  We were blessed to have the opportunity to bring him home with us and welcome him into our farm family :)  He brings with him some amazing genetics and has produced some absolutely outstanding kids over the past few years :)  Sweet Moon has the most amazing temperament and personality and is very affectionate with us!  He loves to come over for a good head scratch and is always curious as to what we are doing as we go about our daily barn work!  This boy has love and warmth for days and isn't afraid to show it :)

Happy Hens Heritage Deidara

DOB: February 16, 2023

Sire: Sky River Meadows Rhaegar

Dam: BNB Honey

Deidara was blessed with his mother's beautiful colouring in a slightly darker caramel colour.  Combined with his beautiful blue eyes he is quite a gorgeous boy!

He has a very calm and friendly personality and is rather curious too!  I very much enjoy his company whenever I sit down for a cuddle :)

Happy Hens Heritage Kakashi

DOB: February 18, 2023

Sire: Sky River Meadows Rhaegar

Dam: Parliament Hill Phoebe

Kakashi is a very energetic boy and loves keeping up with the other boys in the herd!  He is very well-built and will make a wonderful sire :)

He has such beautiful colouring, looking so much like his dad, Rhaegar!  He is calm and friendly, which are musts in our herd, and loves interacting with us :)