our boys

Sky River Meadows Merak

DOB: March 27, 2013

Sire: Imperial K Gigalo

Dam: Further C.C. Rider

Offspring: Sky River Meadows Cordelia (doeling)

                 Sky River Meadows Danica (doeling)

                   Happy Hens Heritage Tiger (buckling)

This guy is something special!  He is so friendly and makes beautiful babies!  We love his fantastically long hair and our girls rather enjoy braiding his beard in the summer :)  He is our top breeding buck and never fails to get the job done!  He comes from excellent milk lines and produces girls that are all top milkers.

Happy Hens Heritage Tiger

DOB: March 29, 2017

Sire: Sky River Meadows Merak

Dam: Sky River Meadows Toryn

Offspring: N/A

Tiger was the first baby born on our farm and he is such a lovely little guy.  He's actually quite big though!  Just like his dad!  We love his beautiful buckskin coat and can't wait to add him to our breeding program this fall - I think he is more excited than we are ;)

Everlily Maples Milk Dud

DOB: May 5, 2017

Sire: Prairie Wood Corazon Azul

Dam: Taylorside's Coconut

Offspring: N/A

Milky!  This is what we call him :)  Those moon spots!  They are so pretty - I mean ruggedly handsome...!  He is developing into such a stunning Junior Buck and will hopefully produce babies just as stunning as he is!  It won't be long Milky, just a few more months and you'll get some girls of your very own!  We are very excited to breed him to a few of our girls this fall :)