baby goats 2018


           Moana (doeling)           Maui (buckling)

Toryn gave birth to two beautiful babies on May 5th - a buckling (Maui) and a doeling (Moana)!


Flora gave birth to 3 gorgeous doelings on May 11th :)  Their names are April, May and June!

If you are interested in bringing home one (or more!) of our baby goats then please contact us for more info :)

**Please note, if you are new to raising goats we strongly advise that you start with at least 2 goats as they need another of their kind to truly flourish.  We will not sell only one goat to someone who doesn't already have goats.  If you do already have goats but they are larger breeds I would still advise keeping two Nigies together so one by itself isn't picked on.